Sunday, September 5, 2010

More from Alby

So I was taunting Alby last night, saying I was going to make him a moderator/contributor on this site.  He sends over some interesting stuff AND it would always be great to have more contributors.

Instead, the big sissy bailed out ….preferring to stay behind the scenes and throw stuff over the wall from afar.  I still intend to give credit where credit is due though, so thanks dude.  Keep them coming.

Both of these articles I have mixed feelings about.

Making Beer Snobbery a More Beautiful Thing

First is a GIZMODO Article entitled MAKING BEER SNOBERY A MORE BEAUTIFUL THING.  It describes (and shows) a device called The BeerVault- a device that contains the beer in UV-filtering clear acrylic canisters, which are backlit and suspended above the bar. Each beer is kept under the same pressure as it was while in the bottle, thus preserving its taste, while also keeping it chilled and ready-to-serve via a clear volume of liquid glycol that surrounds it and circulates through a chiller.  This is to add an aesthetic feel to a bar, and improve the taste of the beer.  While it does look PRETTY, I am a purist.  When I go to a bar, I want to see tappers (with their own uniqueness) and behind the bar is the traditional home of liquors and wines.  Anything that takes away space from my beloved Scotches is going to get a down check from me.  Finally, why do they have to bring up Snobbery?  To me, bars are the great equalizer….where you can sit, socialize, have a drink and make new friends.  We don't need to encourage people to pretentious, instead we should be sharing experiences with each other and learning of the beauty of booze.  I guess I’ll wait on Alby to respond below, because I am sure he likes this (Mr. Artsy Fartsy)…, Fire Away Glenn.

The next one you will have to read yourself to believe.  It appears there is a new small batch distillery called the Gilpin Family Whiskey.  They are using the sugar laden urine of Type 1 Diabetics in the distilling process to create whiskey.  I am torn on this one….I mean really, WHY?  I can see no practical excuse to currently do this, BUT I can see an application in the future.  How about when astronauts go to Mars or Deep Space?  While I doubt NASA would send someone with Diabetes, it might develop and now they have a source for those for at least on of the ingredients.  Although, for the time being, I have agree with Glenn….I bet it tastes like Piss.



  1. Ok Ed, here you go... I did bail, No question there... but it was more of a quality control issue for myself. I come across a lot of crap in my daily reading. I'd rather you get the stories, parooz, package and spin them with your Ed'isms. I've already read the shit. LOL... I'm looking to see what you think about this or that. So man-up and finish what you started; you are the journalist as well as Editor and Chief.

    As to me being an Art-fag... guilty as charged. However, I'm with you on this one. I'm an old dirty tap house guy, I prefer a tavern and pub to the upscale euro-bistro bar design. That said, I do see the application for this kind of thing in a micro brew house. It is nice to see the color of the beer... something very reasuring to look at the rich golden, reds and dark browns when deciding what to drink. We usually do it by checking out someones pint. This allows you to view it in another way. However, if they want to really get some business I think they should modify those little spigots to taps and the acrylic vats need to be glass barrels. I like my beer with cheese!

    Gilpin Family Whiskey... eh... yeah... just look at the bottles in that picture. It looks so damn clinical. This is an "Art for Arts Sake" issue... somethings you can do would be better left undone. We have drank a lot of swill Ed. Admitedly this might be near the limit. Not because of I think it will taste bad, rather, what if it tastes good?! Where the hell would we be then?

  2. Oh Alby, we've known each other to long.....I love pushing your buttons :P

    And yes, we have drank some swill....I think you killed 1/3 of my liver with some of it.


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