Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A readers submission about Sports Illustrated

SkinnyJ sent me a cryptic message via FB and a Link -

Check out #29.
And others.

My interest was piqued.

Number 29 was this one


You gotta love the cigarette.  The paragraphs below are even better.

This is comedy writer Will Shepard’s favorite cover: “I mean, come on,” he writes. “He’s just leading the league in all kinds of amazing in this picture.  It may actually be the rarest cover in sports journalism history, only because I’m fairly sure we will never see something like this ever again.  And I love — LOVE — the fact that they obviously re-touched his batting helmet, but not the cigarette.”

HA….retouched the helmet but left the cigarette.

This was actually Johnny Bench’s least favorite SI cover; Bench really didn’t like that SI put Dick Allen smoking a cigarette on the cover where all these innocent and persuadable young kids would see him.

This is kinda surprising to me, as I KNOW I have seen a picture of Johnny smoking…but I get he saw players as Role Models.  In fact, JB was one of mine growing up and we loved the Big Red Machine.  Johnny got his own cover at number 7.

I also want to add, this is a really good list and I suggest you check it out.  Who/What is number 1?  I won’t spoil it…..but it was perfect.


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