Monday, September 3, 2012

Poor Feedback leads to Investigation

I love reader feedback.Anon

If you have followed this blog for any amount of time – you would know, that I never pull down feedback, no matter how negative.  I might (or might not) retort -  but I believe everyone has a right to an opinion.  Hell, its the basis of our Blog.

I’ve had a few clashes with companies in the past –

  • Asian Snake Wine – Lead to the Asian Snake Wine Sage, as they tried to lie and steal to keep the money.  I even went out of my way in Belgium to look up their offices to prove what a sham they were.
  • Bull Rock Brewery – Responded, but we agreed to disagree.  They are now Closed.
  • Perennial Brewery – Had the balls to actually speak to me personally, wanted to get to understand why I felt the way I did – and we parted friends….with me actually being exposed to more of their product line and enjoying some of it.

In all cases, we put our opinion out there and tried to resolve the issues at hand….why?  Because the Vendors were open about who they were and tried to open communications links to us.

I also love (insert sarcasm here) companies that HIDE behind the Anonymous Tag. You people know who you are – and I just wish you would own the comments that you make.

Enter a comment on the post Whiskey Disks vs Whisky Stones -

Anonymous August 31, 2012 11:34 AM

You did not point out fact that these guys basically (the discs) ripped off the idea in the first place from Whiskey Stones people who made the market in the first place..why don't you say some thing about that. Also your conclusions are flawed. Whiskey Stones give greater initial drop in temp....that is when you are actually drinking it....over time? Who cares...that is pretty irrelevant.

As I started to write a response – I thought I would go look to see where this comment came from, since they posted as Anonymous – I’m glad I did.

Terra Edit

You see – rather than contact me directly, the good people at Teraforma (I did redact the IP Address) wish to post counter “Arguments” without identifying who they were, nor did they appear to read the entire article. 

Case in Point -

Comment - You did not point out fact that these guys basically (the discs) ripped off the idea in the first place from Whiskey Stones people who made the market in the first place..why don't you say some thing about that.

Blog Article - I do give props to Whisky Stones for being “The Original”, however the stone masons at Hammerstone definitely deserve credit for improving the efficiency and aesthetic.

Further, the individual making the comment misses a key point – Whisky (Whiskey) is not for slamming.  Its a drink you want to enjoy over time – not just knocking back.  So (at least to me) it is relevant that a product maintain the reduced temperature instead of allowing the drink to warm up quickly. 

Overall, I am disappointed in TeraForma for using this type of guerrilla marketing tactic – if you are going to comment, and you represent an organization, please use your name/company.  I always do when I comment elsewhere – its good internet etiquette.

I still stand by my initial review – and have actually had a vendor (Chilly Stones) throw their hat in the ring for a Three Way Contest – just waiting for the right time to do it…….maybe next weekend.

Edit -

PS – The Page in Question – Whiskey Disks vs Whisky Stones is our Third  most viewed page – with over 3000 views in a year.  Interestingly, more viewers exit the blog going to Hammerstone vs TeraForma….almost 3 to 1.  So something must be piquing their interest.

Edit -

PSS – In reply to Impulsively, yes the disks can be to large for some glass openings, especially specialty scotch glasses that are trying to accentuate the nose of the alcohol.  The plan for the next review is to use three types of glasses and put out more data.


  1. We'll stay out of this one, seeing as we're lovers not fighters. But it does seem a little unfair that someone from Teroforma would say they've been "ripped off" when Andrew Hellman himself admits he took the idea from a set of stones he found in his grandfather's liquor cabinet.
    Regards and Cheers,

  2. Well spotted Jesse -

    a bag of loose stones found in his Swedish grandfather's liquor cabinet to come up with an American interpretation of a centuries-old Scandinavian tradition.

  3. Hello! We just found your link on Twitter & came over to check out your piece. Gotta say we're scratching our heads a bit since although our corporate address (along with coworkers & friends) is in the town mentioned above, all of our offices & studios are located elsewhere not to mention our servers are located across several states.
    Since we are a design firm that creates many products we realize there's always someone out there who will give commentary both good & bad. There will also be other products that come to market that are "inspired" by ours.
    If we do have any comments or thoughts we always express them as Teroforma - why hide?

    Cheers & "rock" on!


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