Thursday, September 27, 2012

That’s One Expensive Beer

Talk about overreacting.

As I have stated many times, I have lived in Europe (and even visited Zagreb on a contract) and if there is ever a culture for having a beer during the day….it is there.

I really do not get the big deal for popping one open – to me it doesn't warrant kicking the guy of the bus, and definitely not such a crazy fine.

In 2011- there wasn't an NFL fine that came even close to this (if you exclude the BountyGate).

I guess it just goes to show that Management and League officials in Soccer are just as melodramatic and overreacting as their players.

Footballer fined €100,000 for drinking can of beerZagreb

Croatia champions Dinamo Zagreb have ordered defender Domagoj Vida to pay a 100,000 euro (£79,717) fine for opening a can of beer on the club's bus en route to a game.

"It was the most expensive beer Vida has ever had," the Jutarnji List newspaper joked.

Coach Ante Cacic immediately ordered Vida, 23, to leave the bus, which left on Monday for a cup game against lower flight side NK Vrsar later on Tuesday.

"The Dinamo management has decided to punish Vida, a Croatia international with 14 caps, with a financial penalty of 100,000 euros for his behaviour," the club, which have won the last seven Croatian championships, said on their website.

In August, Brazilian-born Dinamo midfielder Sammir was fined 270,000 euros for partying in a Zagreb night club on the eve of a Champions League qualifying match against Moldovan side Sheriff Tiraspol.

The average monthly salary in Croatia is around 750 euros.

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