Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Talk about loyalty to your favorite pub

Cheers to Arthur.  If more people showed this kind of loyalty to local businesses vs the Box Restaurants – the country would be in a better place.

UK's most regular regular: 90-year-old has drunk 30,000 pints in the same pub for 72 YEARS

Beer lover Arthur Reid raises a glass of bitter after being honoured with a plaque on his favourite pub chair... where he’s been drinking for the last 72 years.

Very regular Arthur, 90, has called in into The Griffin almost every day since turning 18.

Back then, in 1940, a pint cost a shilling – now it’s £2.75. And he’s drunk 30,000 of them over the years.

The retired council worker, who left school at 14 and never married or had children, said he had never been tempted to find another watering hole.

He said: “I used to get up very early every morning and was paid seven and sixpence for working an 80- to 100-hour week... there was no such thing as holidays back then.

“I’ve always worked hard and enjoyed visiting the pub – I’ve never seen the need to go much further.”

Asia Matczak, 42, who runs the pub in Warmley, Glos, said: “He missed a couple of days last winter because of the weather, but usually, when it gets to around 3.30 and he’s not here, we’re like, ‘Where’s Arthur?’”

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