Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I have a new favorite song

Its funny how things turn out.

Today, I logged onto FB and saw that TommyG was going to be a radio guest on our friend Rex’s Radio show on KOPN 89.5

Of course, as fate would have it – TommyG was talking about Porch Light Storyteller Series at Cafe Berlin in CoMO – and I tuned in just as he was telling the story – How Much Scotch to kill a Freemason.  This is a story I play a part in and I loved hearing it on the radio.   We are even thinking about getting it here on S&B to help promote the Porch Light– so stay tuned.

Anyway, as Rex was wrapping the show – the bumper out music was Whiskey in the Jar – and it was sung by a little kid…..and I loved it.  Later, Rex told me it was Adam and the High Kings, but that isn’t the full story.

cd_cover_artLinked below is Adam O’Sullivan’s story, followed by a rendition of the song performed live.  Please read the story and watch the first video before jumping straight to the song….it makes it that much better.

Damn is it Dusty in here -

Adam O’Sullivan -

On the eve of Darren Holden leaving for Tanzania to complete the 'Climb for Kids' Kilimanjaro Challenge in aid of the Crumlin Children's Hospital and National Research Centre, the High Kings performed Whiskey in the Jar on the Late Late Show with 8 year old Adam O'Sullivan. Adam has a brain tumour and is a patient at the Crumlin Hospital and a huge fan of the High Kings. The song is being released as a charity single for Crumlin Hospital and Temple St Hospital.



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