Saturday, September 15, 2012

Swag Fierce Torpedo Review

Our good friend TheProfessor has provided us a Cigar review this week – Enjoy

Swag Fierce Torpedo


Thanks to one of the Usual Suspects (S.M.) I again had the opportunity to enjoy a Swag Torpedo and again I will say this stick is not for the meek. In the past I had smoked this stick as well as other’s from this vendor. (Aging Room 101 and M-356) and this was by far the most bold.

Swag Fierce Torpedo 6 ½ X 52 by Oliveros

  • Wrapper: Ligero Habano Dominicono
  • Binder: Ligero Habano Dominicono
  • Filler: Ligero Habano Dominicono
  • Price: Average $5.00 U.S.
  • Light: Easy to light with a very easy initial draw

First Third: Bold full body and right from the start you think of a room full of men (real men) playing stud poker, sitting in leather chairs with a wall of books in the background. Wood working, monkey wrenching, a good dog, guns, hot rods and all that other real men stuff!

Second Third: Still bold and lots of spice and leather are very apparent.

Last Third: One thing you will notice is that this is a nice slow smoke. A somewhat uneven burn and you have to light a few times during the smoke. This is probably due to that bold full body nature of the stick, however this really allows you to slow down and enjoy a relaxing smoke. You still had the spice up to the end of the smoke.

Overall: I will have to again state, this is not a Cigar for a newbie smoker, but very enjoyable for a long 90 minutes of relaxing smoking. As you reached the end you did notice that the Cigar became noticeably hotter.


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