Thursday, September 13, 2012

Original Packaging

I like wine.  Its not my top drink of choice, but hey – it can be fun. 

In particular, I like some of the marketing going on with it right now – and I must say Vernissage Wine seems to be winning right now with their clever “Bag in Big” Wine.


From their Website -

The Bag-in-Bag wine Vernissage has taken both wine-lovers and the press by storm, in Sweden as well as internationally. The successful project was created by Takis Soldatos, Oenoforos, in cooperation with Sofia Blomberg Art Direction & Design. The result is elegant design combined with high quality wines from the French wine region Pays d'Oc.

The thought behind Vernissage is a playful approach to the curious and modern wine consumer. At the
same time, a woman´s touch has propelled the Bag-in-Bag wine from the practical to the elegant.

I’m a guy – but this looks like something fun I could get my wife that she would really enjoy (if you know her, you know what I mean).  It even comes in Pink.

I have contacted Vernissage to see where they are distributed in the US, and when they respond – I will let everyone know.

Cheer -


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