Monday, September 3, 2012

In Case You missed–Irish Jig in the Endzone

Alby and I laughed at this during the ND/Navy Game Saturday – and we also wondered….why is there an Indiana State Police Officer on the side lines? In Ireland?

Irish Jig-Dancing Fan Disrupts Notre Dame-Navy Football Game

A rogue fan made it into the end zone at the Notre Dame-Navy football game in Dublin, Ireland Saturday and danced an Irish jig before security caught up with him.

Instead of cutting away, CBS Sports replayed the incident for the audience at home.

“How many Irish jigs do you get to see?” a commentator asked.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the man is a U.K. resident who goes by the name “Jungle Bird” and regularly disrupts such events to protest deforestation. During Saturday’s game, he was wearing a T-shirt protesting KFC.

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