Friday, July 8, 2011

Four Roses (a slight book review)


Are you one of those people that likes coffee tables books, enjoys bourbon or (like Randy) loves Four Roses….then this book is for you. 

Detailing the history of Four Roses Bourbon, this is an excellent book with some amazing pictures that tell a story from the beginning to present day.

I really enjoyed this book, and was very happy to be able to teach Randy something about his favorite bourbon (it has to do with a VERY famous picture).

I found the presentation of this 9x11 Hardcover book excellent, and a quick read at 96 pages.  Included are some nice historical tidbits (how they survived prohibition), excellent photographs, and even a section that details all the various varieties available (although some not in the US) on the Market.

If you’ve never tried Four Roses, sit down sometime with Randy from MySideoftheBar…..he’ll get you going.  He did a review for us on Four Roses Yellow that definitely highlights the quality and reason this was his Number 1 Bourbon of 2010.  Also, check out the Four Roses Limited as well.

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