Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dead Kennedys and Heineken Beer


There comes a time when Political Correctness goes to far – and when a 1981 Dead Kennedys Song (Too Drunk to F**K, video after the jump) inspires binge drinking when used in a 2011 Commercial….we have left the crazy train people.

For the record, I haven’t seen the commercial in question, nor can I find it on YouTube.  I can only assume that it is just the intro music and drops the swear words (if it has any at all).  I also seriously doubt that any kids today even know this song in the first place….and if they were going to binge, I would wager my life that this song had anything to do with it.  Next thing you will say is that Suicide Solution causes kids to kill themselves.

While I find the song funny, I don’t understand why the PR team at Heineken would have used it in the first place……but they did.  Now they lose out and empower these Asshole Watchdog Groups. 

Get a grip people….it’s a song.


Dead Kennedys - Dead Kennedys' Too Drunk Ad Pulled From Europe

A European beer ad featuring a cover of the Dead Kennedys' punk anthem Too Drunk To F**K has been recalled by Heineken bosses after watchdogs complained it promoted teenage binge drinking.

French band Nouvelle Vague recorded an expletive-less version of the song for the Kronenbourg 1664 campaign - but cutting out naughty words wasn't enough for many parents who saw the ad online and complained to marketing watchdog the Portman Group in the U.K.

The complaints suggested the use of the song promoted "irresponsible drinking".

The Portman Group's Ceo David Poley tells Britain's Guardian newspaper, "This demonstrates just how careful companies have to be when marketing alcohol.

"We were pleased that the company took immediate action to remove the track from the playlist. As soon as the complaint was brought to its attention, Heineken has also introduced more rigorous approval procedures as a result."


  1. Wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that music from 1981 would be targeted at people in their 30's or older? I'd say early 80's punk is a pretty specific target market.

  2. That's probably why the parents protested....they knew the music when they were kids...look how they turned out.

  3. Like the kids over here need an excuse.
    Yes, it is an odd choice for a Beer commercial but again I've seen some pretty crazy commercials over here, late at night though.
    I was hoping to find the commercial in question online somewhere but it looks like it didn't even get aired anywhere. Such as the world we live in.

    And Ed, when you Google "Dead Kennedys song Beer commercial" your site is 3rd on the list. ;)

  4. Haha, advertisers trying to appeal to a more rebellious audience and failing


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