Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sippy Cups? Really?

So, for everyone that asks…I’ve been on a brief hiatus for the past few weeks.  This has been due to work, a small vacation and now an upcoming business trip (with the 4th of July thrown in).  We haven’t given up here at S&B, just recharging our batteries.

I have 4 beer, 2 tequila and 2 bourbon reviews coming….PLUS a most excellent review of Beer Bouquet, so stay tuned.

In the interim, here is a new story while I put the finishing touches on-

There is just so much wrong this article, I don’t know where to start -

Beer Sippy

Legislature approves measure requiring baby bottles, sippy cups to have warning labels

ALBANY - It wasn't just gay marriage and a property tax cap that concerned state lawmakers in the final days of the legislative session.

There were also sippy cups.

The Legislature, for the second year in a row, approved a measure requiring baby bottles and sippy cups to have warning labels about the dangers of childhood tooth decay.

Ex-Gov. David Paterson vetoed last year's measure.

"I can show you photos of children who go to bed with sippy cups," said Mark Feldman, executive director of the state Dental Association, which pressed for the bill.

"All you see is little black stumps that is all that is left of the teeth," he added.

The sippy cup bill was among more than 400 approved by the Senate and Assembly in the final, frantic days of the legislative session.

Many dealt with local concerns like the renewal of a city's or county's sales tax. Others tackled such far-flung topics as hookah sales - and solar-powered trash compactors.

Sen. George Maziarz (R-Buffalo) took a stab at history with a bill creating the War of 1812 200th Anniversary Commemoration Commission.

"New York State played a key role in the War of 1812," Maziarz wrote in a memo accompanying the bill. "Celebrating this milestone gives New Yorkers the opportunity to appreciate and reflect on our rich history."

Maziarz also took out the trash - literally - with a bill requiring solar-powered, trash-compacting garbage cans at four state parks, including Riverbank in Manhattan and Roberto Clemente in the Bronx.

Sen. Martin Golden, a Brooklyn Republican, pushed a bill prohibiting the sale of hookahs, shisha tobacco and water pipes to minors.

"[Kids] shouldn't be in the hookah shops, they should be in schools," Golden told the Daily News.

Sen. Adriano Espaillat (D-Manhattan) and Assemblyman Nelson Castro (D-Bronx) teamed up to pass the so-called Nutcracker Bill, which stiffens penalties for barbershops and bodegas caught selling the homemade alcoholic drink to minors.

Assemblyman Gary Pretlow (D-Westchester) and state Sen. Jeff Klein (D-Bronx) tried to help the state's struggling race tracks by sponsoring a bill to let them offer free tickets as promotional giveaways.

"It is just trying to get people in the track," Pretlow said. "Because the money is not made in the admission fees, it is made in the [betting] handle."

All of the bills are now headed to Gov. Cuomo's desk.

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1 comment:

  1. The quote by "Mark Feldman" has got to be BS.
    A) Your teeth fall out naturally as you grow; you simply haven't owned teeth that long as children...
    B) It takes an incredibly--amazingly--long time and amount of effort to rot your teeth. A couple of years won't cut it.
    C) Black? Really? How exactly does one produce black teeth?
    D) And stumps? In children? So they've had their teeth for a handful of years and managed to somehow wear them down to stumps? How, exactly/scientifically does this take place?
    Maybe if they are eating rocks, but sippy cups?
    I'm just saying, where's the science? Show me the pics.

    And that's not even me getting into personal liberty and freedom and state authority.
    I honestly don't mind warning labels that much, I'd rather have the government suggest things than mandate or prohibit them.


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