Sunday, July 17, 2011

Schlafly to the Rescue

So, I’m stuck in the airport in St. Louis and am truly experiencing the devastation that took place when a tornado swept through back in April.

Due to the continued restoration of the facilities, the majority of traffic is routed through Concourse D… the most sparsely populated one.

There are minimum shops and it is very crowded.  The only place that appeared to have beer was the food court Burger King. 

Life looked bleak.

Then, Schlafly to the rescue.

Apparently there used to be a Schlafly outlet in the concourse back in the day, but it had been closed.  Still, the brewery retained the rights to the location and they have now reopened it (it’s not even on the maps).  The only downside is there is nothing on tap, all bottles….but the do upsell $3 Shots with their beers Smile

What was looking like a miserable trip to NY/CT is now looking up.

Thank you Schlafly – Cheers

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