Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making Alcohol Eco-Friendly

There is an interesting article over at PSFK regarding the branding and reimaging of alcohol containers. 

I’m somewhat torn on a few fronts, so I would love to hear your ideas as well.


My first thought is – How will the plastic/mylar coating inside the Tetrapak will affect the taste of the various liquors pictured.  Vodka tends to take on flavors well, so will it have a nasty aftertaste?  I realize that there have been box wines out there….but those tend to be lower tier and have questionable quality in the first place.

Secondly, how does it hold up to long term storage?  Bottles, although fragile in their own right, hold up well over time and multiple reuse (in case you can’t finish a 5th in one sitting).  

Cost is another concern.  My fear is that you will be purchasing less liquor (.5L vs .75L) for a higher price without being given another option.  You know that the distiller will not be passing savings on to customers, but instead using it to line their pockets.

Finally….why is someone not thinking of the Children?  Obviously these look like Milk Cartons and therefore we are encouraging kids to drink.  Ok, I’m being sarcastic….but you know someone/somewhere will use this argument.

In the end, if I have the option, I will stick with glass… about you?  I’m particularly interested in TommyG’s take.

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  1. You may be joking, but that Absolut looks like milk. Makes me wanna get some cream and make White Russians.

    Anyhow, the days of crappy box wine are gone. You can already get decent wine in boxes, and some mid-tier wines are going to tetra paks.

    But I can't imagine aging a fine wine in laminated cardboard.
    I hate when I go to a bar and order a draught and it comes in a plastic cup. Tastes different.

    Anyway, I think any of this is fine for things that aren't going to be aged or sit on a shelf for a long time (I realize this doesn't happen in the Bell household).


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