Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This Day in History 25 May 1977–Star Wars

It should be no surprise to anyone that knows me, that I am a Star Wars fan.  As an almost 8 year old when it came out, the movie completely captured my young imagination.  It inspired me towards technology and it really made me who I am today.

From it, I learned if you need help….go into a bar, that things sometimes smell worse on the inside and finally – Never kiss a girl if you think there is even a SMALL chance she is your sister.

As we have done in the past (HERE HERE and HERE) here are some more Star Wars Smokes and Booze related items.  Enjoy.


First, we have the Empire’s Finest – Who knew Smirnoff and Amstel light were the drinks of choice?


Since we are dinking Vodka, how about some cookies to go with it?cookies_and_vodka

Finally, a few “Behind the Scenes” pics for you to enjoy-


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