Friday, May 13, 2011

A News Story from 1923 and a funny side note

I read a lot of strange stuff in the middle of the night.  I troll conspiracy sites, entertainment and news pages and even from time to time.  In particular, I read a lot of history, and sometimes the best way to see what was general temperature of a time period is to read the newspapers of the day.

Google (All Hail…we bow in your omnipotence!) has done a pretty good job of making these available, so I thought I would share one…and maybe pique your interests as well.

In THIS story, we learn of some of the internal strife during Prohibition, between the Attorney General and the Supreme Court.  At question is whether alcohol can be served on ships.  It is a great read and interesting glimpse into the past.

So, while that is a good (but not great) S&B Story, what I found particularly funny was the announcement at the bottom of the page 1 article.


Targeted audience maybe? 

Some of you might not get it….but it brought a smile to my face.

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