Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Quick Hits Vol 3

Well, recent news has totally overtaken the Monday Quick Hits.

Unless you live under a rock (RANDY!), you are aware that Osama Bin Laden was killed yesterday.

My Celebratory drinks last night were two-fold. At first it was pretty simple, a (several) pint (s ) of Guinness and then later my last Cohiba Cuban Cigar. Ultimately it lead to a new-

The Osama Bin Laden -

  • Crystal Head Vodka
  • Spicy V8 Juice
  • Stirred with Bacon (sadly, only Microwave Bacon, but it was 1AM at this point).
  • On ice and served in a highball glass

Congrats to the my brothers and sisters in the Military (and especially Intel). Great Job.

Now, moving on to my other tidbits from the weekend- We have two bars that I stopped by at locally here in Ashland.

chivas_bimboFirst was El Ranchito, located right off of 63/Route Y Exit next to Moser’s. Obviously, but the name, it is a Mexican Themed Restaurant and is one that we frequent quite often, but I have never thought to write it up.

The food there is really good, and the service is excellent. They have a pretty diverse beer list, the highlight being Dos Equis on tap and their margaritas are pretty good. On Saturday, May 7th, they are having their Cinco De Mayo celebrations starting at 10AM. With live music, I could see this being a pretty happening place. Perhaps we will stop by after the Missouri Beer Fest.

I can’t stress though how much I like the wait staff there. They have gotten to know us on sight, and jokingly refer us to our “Regular Table”. They know the foods and drinks we like, and are always willing make a joke. I even learned that in Mexico, there is a bread company called “Bimbo” and they sponsor a soccer team. I have to get Debi one of those Jerseys Smile

El Ranchito on Urbanspoon

The next place I went was Woody’s Pub and Grub. Also off of 63 (easiest access when going southbound), this is your typical Small Town Bar. Excellent Pub Grub (Huge Portions and try the fried pickles) and Guinness on Tap….I only wish Debi liked this place more (she complains of the smoke).

50513_289076517768_5736407_nSaturday night I took Richard and James there, and we were able to watch some PPV UFC, play some shuffleboard (James loves it) and have a great meal (even Richard was full). They also have pool tables and darts…even Kino if you are so inclined.

The bar tab was reasonable and people friendly. A good place for a “Guys Night Out” and definitely worth picking up some takeout.

Next, as a preview….I am working on a story regarding Walmart’s Sales Policy on Alcohol and Tobacco products. I was carded this weekend, and learned their policy is 40 (almost twice the legal age). I’ve already interviewed the Asst Manger (and got some great quotes) and am awaiting a callback from the Store Manager today. This could be really interesting and I look forward to putting it all together. Save your opinions for the upcoming report and survey.

Finally, only one week left before the Missouri Beer Fest on Saturday the 7th. Hopefully you have your tickets….I hope to see you there.


Happy Monday everyone


  1. When I was a kid, playing shuffleboard was definitely my favorite thing about going to bars with my dad. Sometimes they had video games (it was Galaxian back then) but I could play those elsewhere. Never saw shuffleboard outside a bar, though. I'm 40 and I'm pretty sure that's still true.

    I suppose I could have played darts but they would have had to lower the target 2 feet.

  2. James loves the shuffleboard and would play it as long as you give him $$$. I'm trying to teach him, if nobody is waiting to play....don't keep score.


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