Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cure for the common cold

I love old smoking and alcohol advertisements (HERE is an example).  They are a window back to a simpler time, where legal jargon was not added at the bottom and they made some pretty incredible claims.  However, some of those claims might not be as false as people today would lead you to believe.

Lately, I have had a bad cold (thanks to James) and so I finally broke down and “Bourboned” it to death.  I feel particularly vindicated in my self medication, as it appears that Duffy’s was advertising this same method years ago.

From “Guinness gives you strength” to “Spring Time is Tonic Time”, these old advertisements would actively push people to having a snort from time to time. 

Alcohol was so ingrained into our culture (at times due to it being the healthier alternative to water), that children were regularly given doses to a variety of ailments.  Was it a bad thing?  I don’t think so.  People turned out just fine….hell, I was given Hot Toddies when I was young…so I base my treatment on my own experiences and lessons learned growing up….where my grandfather took a shot every day for “Medicinal Purposes”.  Whisky really can be a healthy additive to you daily intake….and I highly suggest it.  And I don’t even play a Doctor on TV.



Duffy_s Pure Malt Whiskey -1914A

duffy's ad

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