Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How much is the beer at an NHL Game?

From the folks over at Saveonbrew.com (and friends of Beer Bouquet…..remember them?), we have the 2011 NHL Beer Price Analysis Chart.

Man, I love these kinds of break downs, as they show just how much the Arenas/Stadiums/Venues rake you over the coals.

With its exclusive NHL Contract (at $375 Mill) at least Molson Coors is passing some savings to those in Colorado (To bad InBev doesn’t do that for Rams Football Games), but still prices are out of control.  Its no wonder people are slowly starting to stay home more instead of attend a sporting event.  Its their way of showing the Stadium Owners the $10 Foam Finger.

Well done SaveOnBrew.Com and stay tuned to see if they answer some interview questions.

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