Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Quick Hits


Boy, it’s been an interesting weekend of stories.

First, we have what I am sure is going to be a MADD statistical field day, where a Driver rams into 'Booze it & Lose it' unit.  Knowing MADD, they will probably factor in all the police and cars present as part of the accident to inflate statistics.  But at least we got a funny pic. 


Meanwhile, Former Miss USA arrested for drunk driving after 'attempting to be the designated driver'.

Rima_FakihI don’t know which is more interesting – the fact that she is Muslim and shouldn’t drinking or her tweets to try and make it all go away -

Saturday: "Let's clear things up now. ... I'm NOT in Michigan and I'm NOT in jail! Wrong Fakih."

But ... it sort of looks like that was the right Fakih.

The post has since been removed, and on Sunday her attorney Doraid Elder confirmed the arrest, noting that her record "has not a single blemish," other than this and that Rima is "very saddened and very apologetic for the situation that she's in."

Oh well…..when is she giving back the crown?

Over at Aleheads they have a compilation of the MOST OFFENSIVE BEER LABELS.  Some of them are pretty good….here’s a taste.


Meet Steve Long.  Steve is a Douche.  I don’t mean that because he StevenLongis gay….personally I could care less.  Steve is a douche, because he picks fights in bars, slaps girls on the ass (in front of their boyfriend) and then wonders why he gets his ass kicked in (several) barfights.  Dude, I don’t know you….but I know your type, and it is the reason I have really disliked going to bars lately – it’s become amateur hour.  Everyone that was sober that night, from the Police to the bar owner, disputes your hate crime claims

so why look even more like a douche and continue them.  Instead, man up and say you got drunk.  Pay your fine and for the damages. It happens and people will respect you more for it.

Finally, on a lighter side…..Mike sent in this AWSOME AT-AT liquor cabinet someone made….>DEAR SANTA -


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