Monday, July 16, 2012

Three Reasons the Olympics Suck

While this post is titled “Three Reasons the Olympics Suck”, it can really be summed up in two words – Corporate Sponsorship.


Below are just three examples from McDonald’s, Heineken and Ralph Lauren – but I am sure many more can be found.  These companies pay big dollars for the contracts, and we all know – its all about the money.

What happened to the days when the athletes were amateurs, they were sponsored by private organizations and a person could afford to attend the games.  Countries had identity and each nation was unique. 

I had the opportunity to attend this year, and I’m glad I turned it down.  Flights, Traffic in London and overall cost make this appear to be a bad experience.  My last trip over really highlighted this, when I found out from the bartender that they had raised beer prices 4 times in the last two months, and expected to raise them several times more as they got closer to the Olympics.

I support the US in every way – but I’ll be watching from home….wearing Levi’s, drinking Guinness and eating BK.

Games ban on chips, unless it's with fish

Really?  McDonald’s wants to hold such a monopoly that they shut down street vendors?

Speaking of  corporate sponsorship, flexing muscle and a country losing its identity – How about Heineken?

Heineken, official Olympic beer, condemned by British politician/pub advocate

While they are making concessions by serving Sam Smith (Want to know why I hate this beer?  Go HERE) and Strongbow Cider, the main one being pushed in still Heineken – and that will be the logo thrust in front over everyone.  Plus, at just over $11 a beer – I would rather pay for Bud at Busch Stadium, and that is saying something.

Finally, I never thought I would agree with Harry Ried, but today is just a weird day.  When it comes to losing an identity, the use of Berets and uniforms made in China – we throw politics out the window and stand together as Americans

Harry Reid on Team USA’s Chinese-Made Olympic Uniforms: ‘Put Them in a Big Pile & Burn Them’

Now, since they were made in China – one would guess they were made at a lower cost.  Considering the price tag for the uniforms was $903K – I guess Ralph Lauren in only worrying about profits.  Especially as this is just one set of clothes – what else is he on contract for?

Also, for full disclosure, Mr. Lauren has said he will manufacture the uniforms in the US…..for the 2014 Olympics.  How about we find another source there? 

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