Monday, July 16, 2012

Breweries Map

Special thanks to @JBloss on Twitter for sending me this map (and you can follow me or submit items on twitter too – @SmokesAndBooze).  I owe you a beer sometime.

Its very up-to-date, including Rockbridge Brewery here in CoMO, and should be one of your first reference points when planning a road trip across the US.

Click to embiggen.


Ed Note – I’ve located the source (duh, it was printed in the lower right hand corner) as Pop Chart Lab.  They have some other great prints, and you can buy several different products at their online store.  I have pinged them about a few missing items – but even with the discrepancies – this is still an awesome graphic. 

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  1. ooh, sorry to be a pain, but there's one in southbridge ma that's been gone for a year now, (Honest Town) and it's missing a few in MA off the top of my head (Northampton Brewery, Sturbridge Hyland)


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