Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beard Beer

It’s funny how things come full circle. 

Originally this had been sent to me by Kendra, and I intended to write a blurb about it – but other things came up.

Last night, I was talking with Dave about the uniqueness and difficulties with Brett beers (beers that use Brettanomyces).  During the conversation, I mentioned this press release – which caused some disbelief amongst those in the conversation.

So – while a few weeks late, better late than never……Here is the press release in question from Rogue Beer

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Beard Beer

Newport, OR June 19th, 2012 – Columbus may have discovered America but Brewmaster John Maier has discovered a new wild yeast that was developed from his old growth beard.rogue

In cooperation with White Labs, samples were collected from Rogue’s hopyard and sent to White Labs for culture and testing. Sadly all three samples proved incapable of producing a yeast suitable for brewing.

As a joke, nine beard follicles were carefully cut from the beard of Rogue Brewmaster John Maier. The follicles were placed in a petri dish and sent in for testing.

To the shock of the experts at White Labs, the beard samples had produced a yeast strain that was perfect for use in brewing. Additional testing was conducted and confirmed that the yeast strain was not Rogue’s yeast. White Labs’ Chris White said “we were shocked and thrilled with this remarkable discovery.

John has been growing his beard continuously since 1978 and he has claimed that he will never cut it off. When told of the discovery, John said simply “it was in front of me the whole time and it only took two centuries and five decades to grow.”

The beard yeast is currently being used in test brews to determine the perfect style & yeast combination. The beard beer, New Crustacean, will be released in early 2013. Rogue Ales and Spirits is dedicated to saving the terroir of Oregon hops, barley and rye, by growing our own, one acre at a time.

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