Thursday, July 19, 2012

Somebody get her a beer

A couple of interesting things here (plus a somewhat related video I found) -

First, it took them 6 calls before they dispatched?  Even if it is a prank call or a butt dial, the cops always show up on the first call.  Hell, if you dial 911 and hang up – they beeline to your door.  Very Odd.

Secondly, I always love the double charges.  In this case, Disorderly Conduct and False Use of 911.  Why don’t they just place one charge (False Use of 911 seems to fit perfectly) and leave it at that?  I personally think it is so they can rake in more revenue.

Finally, if she is at home….give her another beer. Geez. She’s 36 years old, and an adult….why withhold it? 

Belleville police arrest woman who called 911 to complain about being cut off from beer

BELLEVILLE • She really wanted another beer.

Upset that her boyfriend had cut her off, 36-year-old Shannon White called 911 Saturday night to tell them that the man refused to give her more beer. She called a total of six times, police said.

Police responded to the 700 block of North Charles Street around 11:14 p.m. after White's sixth and final call. She was arrested for disorderly conduct and false use of 911.

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