Monday, October 24, 2011

Yes we CAN have more on AsianSnakeWine

The real question is, how many pages can I have dedicated to  The answer is….not enough.

You can read several of our stories on this fraudulent product -

And several others……but now, not only am I a blogger – I am an  investigative reporter.

I’ve actually held off blogging, as I was worried that I might let it slip that I was making a trip to Brussels Belgium earlier this month.  Normally I don’t mind people knowing where I am going or what I am doing, but I didn’t want key information to disappear from the web before I tracked it down.  What information you ask…..sit back and pour yourself a drink.

I recently realized that the main address for was based in Brussels.


A very basic address is listed at the bottom of every page of their site. 

What I wanted to know, is what is their REAL address?  This can be found ONLY on the Conditions of Use page -


Now we are getting somewhere.

I did try and reach out to AsianSnakeWine.Com on their customer feedback page back in August-


Notice when they say that they only have a Warehouse in Belgium.  I posted a follow-up comment (that they kept deleting), asking if the product ships from Thailand, why do they need a warehouse in Belgium?  I guess they don’t have an answer (but I have a theory coming up).

Fast Forward to three weeks ago – We arrive in Brussels and have a great week (more posts on that to come).  We did have some free time one afternoon, so I went with two friends in search of 4 rue de la Presse, Brussels 1000, Belgium. 

On the map, it didn’t look to far from our hotel… off we went.

After a stop at the Cathedral of St Michael, we followed my fantastic “Map” almost directly to the address.

Here are some pictures -


So, what is at 4 rue de la Presse, Brussels 1000, Belgium?  Absolutely NOTHING.  Well, that’s not fair – There are some offices (not a WAREHOUSE like they said on the feedback), but they are all Ghost/Virtual Offices.  Don’t believe me?  Look at this Website for Burotel – Fully serviced Virtual Offices, Flex Offices and Meeting Rooms. In fact, they advertise Domicilation – ie, a fake address to receive mail (and a service to forward it on) and give airs of having a prestigious address in Brussels.

Asian Snake Wine does not exist at this DoJo.

I should almost re-title this post AsianSnakeWine.Com Fraud Part 2.

My personal theory is that the main players at are somehow tied to the political infrastructure of the EU in Brussels.  As some type of diplomat, they have access to various channels, resources and funding, without having to be “based” in Thialand.

I challenge any consumer who stumbles on this page to ask yourself – With the evidence presented above, (plus the links HERE, HERE and HERE), how can you believe in/trust a company that has so many shady dealings? 

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Cheers -

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