Friday, October 21, 2011

The Bad

In my continued post of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly- We go with the Bad.

What is Bad you may ask?  How about BAD Science.

By Bad Science, I mean the crazy research people put out there and claim as fact. 

Take our own University of Missouri – where they have fount that “As many as one in five students save their calories for alcohol” thus creating a new eating and drinking disorder called Drunkorexia

Really?  Drunkorexia?  College Student would rather spend money on booze than food?  Someone paid money for this research?  They even threw in Substance Abuse, Sexual Assault Victims and Eating Disorders.

This strikes me as research where the student knows what the teacher wants to hear, then tailors it to get an A……just saying the right buzzwords and talking points.

Meanwhile, in the UK, we have the Daily Mail doing an experiment on the impact of drinking and smoking on your looks.  Oh the humanity.  We take the opinion of a “forensic artist” (ie, someone who cant get a real job in the video game industry), and have them alter a picture of a 40 something to that of a 50 something…..all the while blaming smokes and booze, yet telling you just the right products to use to fix it.

To coin a phrase from Simon…..For Fucks Sake. 

Its all BS.  People need to quit being so meddling and vain.  Enjoy Life.  Drink up and Party while you are young.  Smoke if it makes you feel good, toss back 5 or 6 shots if you want.  In the end, life is to short and fake “science” from the media and being put Universities is just another way of pushing others moralities on someone else.

Why cant we all just get along?

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