Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Ugly

I often try to stay away from Politics here at S&B, and it usually takes something pretty glaring to bring it up… is one of those days.

You see, with all the problems in the world, from wars to the economy, US Senators are trying to pressure Major League Baseball into banning tobacco use during games.

My favorite quote from the article -

''The use of tobacco by big league ballplayers at a single World Series game provides millions of dollars worth of free television advertising for an addictive and deadly product,'' wrote Dr. Cynthia Simmons, the public health authority for Arlington, Texas, and Pamela Walker, the St. Louis interim health director. They said that with tobacco companies banned from advertising on TV, they ''literally could not buy the ads that are effectively created by celebrity ballplayers using tobacco at games.''


Give it up people.  Unless you target ALL entertainment (although they try with the MPAA basing ratings on tobacco use) leave sports alone.  Kids idolize the MTV reality shows and music artists more than sports stars these days…..but nobody is going after them.  Leave Basesball alone and focus on more important issues……like the job market.

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