Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Out and about in Brussels

I thought I would share some pictures and thoughts from our recent trip to Brussels. 

The first place that caught my eye as we were walking around was a bar called Celtica – The Original Celtic Pub.  I want you to just take it in for a minute how much beer is being loaded in at 10AM. This bar seemed to have everything I was looking for while in Brussels – IMG_1587Beer, Irish/Celtic Theme, Beer, Music, a smoking room and Beer.  Never before had I wanted a place to succeed as much as this.  Sadly, they failed miserably. 

We took approximately 20 customers out and this was the location we chose, only to find the music horrible le (the one man band was screaming when we came in), a very local scene, a bar that would not run a tab and they did not accept credit cards.  We would have dropped AT LEAST 1000 Euro a night (if not more), but they were not very accommodating.  Big Disappointment.

Also on the first day, we stopped and ate at the Greek Restaurant PLAKA.  Excellent food and the biggest bottle of generic Ouzo I have ever seen.  Prices were low and it was almost more than we could eat.  Two other interesting facts

1. Simon says he can never get a picture of me not making a face

2.  On our last day- Simon, Jim and I were roaming Brussels (after finding AsianSnakeWine.Com – Story HERE) looking for somewhere to eat.  After wandering for hours, where did we end up on a whim – you got it…..PLAKA. 


Of course, no trip to Brussels would be complete without seeing the Manneken Pis.  What, you’ve never heard of him?  Well, let me assure you before you leave Belgium….you will have seen at least 1 MILLION of them in all the tourist shops around the city.

Wikipedia has a good write-up (including the various legends).


Finally, the nights in Brussels are very beautiful…..especially after a few pints.  The Grand Palace at night is something not to be missed, and of course….if you are tired, just grab yourself a Guinness and plop right down in your cardboard recliner. 



Finally, I have only one word for our little excursion to the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert at approximately 4AM.



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