Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Winston Churchill


Sir Winston has been in the news a bit lately.

First was the Auction in London of one his Cigars, fetching $3,126.  A funny side story of which was whether or not UK Customs was going to let it in (without a tax band) the country when it was being brought to auction.

The next mention was in an ESPN Article re: the great John Wooden being in Hospital (and later passing).

“In what might end up being one of his final sit-down interviews, Wooden, at the December 2009 Wooden Classic, answered Los Angeles Times columnist T.J. Simers when asked how he has managed to live such a long life:

But how does one live so long, he's asked, and he points to the whiskey Winston Churchill drank, the cigars George Burns had, and says, "How long did they live?
"There's no answer," he says, "but if I had to give one, I'd say life needs balance. And love." “

Neither of these compare to the latest story breaking in the UK though.

It appears that “Someone” has airbrushed and removed the cigar from one of Sir Winston’s most famous pictures, and then used said picture for the banner at the “Winston Churchill's Britain At War Experience” Museum.

Not only is this taking political correctness to the nth degree….but it also rewrites history in one of the most iconic figures in History.

HERE is the article and I post the pictures below for your perusal

The Britain At War Experience in South-East London with the airbrushed picture of Churchill above the entrance

Uniform, victory salute and cigar: Winston Churchill in the 1940s and now without his trademark smokeUniform, victory salute and cigar: Winston Churchill in the 1940s and now without his trademark smoke

I go to London at least once a year, I now know that I will not be visiting a museum that supports the altering of facts. 

Please join me in emailing the museum to show your displeasure and if you want to see a great Winston Churchill museum, then visit the Winston Churchill Memorial and Library in Fulton MO.  There they do not sugar coat history and cigars are prominently displayed on his desk and throughout.

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