Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why I hate FIFA and Anheuser Busch


To be fair, Anheuser Busch had nothing directly to do with this, but they are named in the article due to the fact that Budweiser is the “Official Beer” of the World Cup and FIFA wanted to protect AB’s investment from “Ambush Marketing”.

What was the “Ambush Marketing” you may ask?  Was it holding signs for Coors?  Openly displaying JD Bottles?  How about a hand holding/kumbaya singing session with MADD?

No, it was a group of people wearing ORANGE.  I can’t make this up, read about it HERE.

Apparently, Bavaria Beer gave away Orange Mini-dresses in beer packs as schwag leading up to the World Cup and 36 fans wore them. 

Well, maybe they weren’t fans (per se), and the women did wear other clothes over the orange to get in (so that was a bit covert)…..but does this mean I couldn’t have worn a Guinness Shirt to a match?

Did the dresses have logos on them?  Not that I can see.  In fact, if you hadn’t told me that they were tied to a brewery, I wouldn’t have known….you be the judge:



I don’t see any here

Dutch fans cheer during the 2010 World Cup Group E soccer match between the Netherlands and Denmark at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg June 14, 2010. REUTERS/Michael Kooren (SOUTH AFRICA - Tags: SPORT SOCCER WORLD CUP)

Or here

In fact, it looks like everyone just got together and said “Let’s wear Orange”.

Why didn’t they throw these guys out?

So, it appears that FIFA is more concerned about protected their sponsors than fan enjoyment (watch the video again, the fans loved it)…, don’t wear team colors, censor you clothes so that you don’t market outside our sponsors….but blow those annoying horns all day long. 

What a joke. 

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