Saturday, June 19, 2010

What was he thinking?????


Drunk and Charity seem to go well together.  Buy a man a drink, charity golf….even walking out of a bar and emptying your pockets for a panhandler. 

BUT- Drunk, Charity and Body Waxing……..there is no way in hell.  See Below.

Man Nearly Loses Testicle in Tragic Waxing Accident


(June 17) -- The only man with enough balls to take part in a British body waxing fundraiser nearly lost his.
Joe Cooper, 24, is recovering from a horrific grooming accident on June 5 that nearly cost him his testicle.
The construction worker and several pals agreed to take part in a hospital charity drive at a Leicester pub in which bar-goers bid for the chance to rip off strips of the participants' body hair. But once the event got started, many of the would-be volunteers bailed.
"There were a few of us doing it, and two blokes wimped out, but I said I'd have it done," said Cooper, who, according to the Daily Mail, was the only participant man enough to have his "back, sack and crack" waxed for charity.
"I lay down and closed my eyes, and the next thing I know, I'm in horrendous pain and bleeding," he told the tabloid.
According to reports, an overly enthusiastic friend tugged too hard on a wax strip and yanked off eight inches of skin from Cooper's body, starting on his inner thigh.
The rip reportedly stripped Cooper of six of his seven layers of skin, and came within half an inch of costing him his right testicle.
Though Cooper started the night taking part in a fundraiser that netted about $4,400 for the children's ward of the Leicester Royal Infirmary, he was the one who needed medical attention by the end of the evening.
"You can imagine how much everyone was laughing at me," he said. "It was ironic. I was meant to be helping them -- and they ended up helping me. They told me if any more skin had come off, that would have been it. I was very lucky, really."
Cooper says he's still in pain and is taking antibiotics to stave off any infection.
"I just hope people will sponsor me more now -- because I'm still hurting," he said.


  1. Hum, I also read on another site that the previous time he was drink he went and got a tattoo of his company logo ;)

  2. I would NEVER do anything like that :)


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