Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Green Hornet – Official S&B movie of 2010?

Ok, long before I was hooked on Iron Man or any of the other comic characters, there were were two superhero’s that I could not get enough of……Batman and the Green Hornet.

As a youngster, the campy Adam West Batman was perfect entertainment for me.  I could watch it hours on end. 

Then there was the cross over episodes which included a “villain” named the Green Hornet.   Man, that was just badass (especially with Kato).  It opened up even new venues for me…..here was someone who was intentionally misunderstood, to mislead others so he could more effectively fight crime.  It was awesome.

As I grew up (notice, I didn’t say matured), I spun off into Star Wars and then into Marvel.  Characters such as Iron Man, Wolverine and Punisher shaped my psyche.

Now we can revisit yesteryear and this movie actually looks like fun.  Unlike Ironman, where Tony Stark (an admitted alcoholic) seems like a party animal, but never has the brooding drunk we fell in love with in the comics (gotta have that PG-13 Rating)…..Green Hornet looks to capture the drinking in spades.  I counted at least 8 scenes with drinking….IN THE TRAILER.  Throw in a cool car, Kato, guns and explosions….how could I not back this movie?

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