Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Lately, Beer and Liquor producers have been several things to get their name out into the market.  From making mini-movies to tell their story to appearances on the History Channel.

I’ve already posted Johnny Walker’s story (very excellent) and “How they make scotch (from Laphroig)…but Absolute Vodka has really stepped it up in this medium.

Partnering with Spike Jonze, the vodka manufacturer wants to bring us “A Love Story in an Absolute World”.

This is not Spike’s first first foray into shorts sponsored by alcohol distributors.  In 2006, he did a series of shorts called the “Miller Auditions”, the most famous being PENGUIN (found HERE), so this should be an interesting matchup….especially after his work on “Where the Wild Things Are”.

As for “A Love Story in an Absolute World”…WTF does that mean?

The movie appears to be a 30 Minute Love Story between Robots.  Yes ROBOTS.

The trailer looks interesting, with great representations of the “bots”, far better than “ I  Robot” IMO, and has some pretty seamless CGI.  I like the fact that the main male role has a head that looks like a 486.

Overall, the Robots look cool (and a little creepy…which I like)…and I am still trying to figure out the rats around the coffee table.  It is definitely not a film I would normally check out, but it’s got a booze sponsor and is about Computers/Robots….so I am intrigued. 

To Glenn…this does not make me an Artsy Fartsy guy, no matter what you think.

Here is the trailer.

A better copy can be found the movies Website (HERE), although I am still trying to figure out why you need age verification for that…..because the Absolute Brand is being used in the name?  Give me a break.

Hopefully this will release near CoMo so I can see it, otherwise I will just have to revisit later and catch it on HULU or YouTUBE.

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