Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Legend Brown Ale Review

I had been struggling with what local beer to review first, but thanks to Birkdale Golf Club, my selection was made for me…..as they have Legend Brown Ale on Tap.

I have been seeing this beer all around town, I figured it was time to see what the Hubbub was all about.logo2

Established in 1994, Legend Brewing Company is Central Virginia’s Oldest Microbrewery, one that currently services not only this region, but also North Carolina (Looking to you GingerMeatloaf and Jack) and soon Maryland and DC.

The brewery has a vast offering of beers – and I am happy to note, only TWO IPAs*.  They also have a full sized Restaurant, with a large deck and Beer Garden…of which I hope to visit soon.  I am sure Debi will be interested in their Barleywine.

Legend Brown Ale Review

  • Legend Brown AleSource – Poured from Tap
  • Alcohol Content – 6%
  • Appearance- In the spirit of full disclosure, it took me a few minutes after the pour to snap this picture…so I wanted to say the head actually held up well, forming a nice, tightly latticed foam around the top of the glass.  The color was the classic nut brown, with a slightly cloudy hint to the liquid.
  • Nose - Mild Coco Powder and Hazelnut, with a hint of alcohol in the background.
  • Taste – Sweet and a moderate amount of front end malt.  With only a touch of pine and citrus, this is not the beer for Hopheads out there.  Caramel and Nuts play through, and the finish works well with the nose to bring out the Coco again.

Overall- I found this beer to be comparable to Newcastle, and very refreshing.  As a local offering, I could see myself ordering this….and since it seems to be everywhere in RVa, its an exciting change from CoMO (where InBev reigns).  A very good “Working Man’s Beer” that I wouldn’t be ashamed to break out a BBQ.  If I were to define it by one word, I would say SOLID.

I give Legend Brown Ale – 3.5 out of 5 Stars. 

If the rest of the local brews in RVa are anything like this….I am in for a fun ride.

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