Sunday, December 26, 2010

Small Batch #1 - Baker’s

It’s Christmas time, and with that comes some of the great gifts that come my way.


This first one is the “Original Small Batch Bourbon Collection”, a boxed set highlighting four fine bourbons.  This one is kinda funny, because my wife got it for me…while at the same time, I had picked up one for Mike for his stocking (after learning he would be joining us Christmas Morning).

The first one I wanted to try was Baker’s, a 170 proof 7 seven year old bourbon named after Baker Beam, grand nephew of Jim Beam.


Color- Pale Gold

  • Nose- Nutty with Honey and Caramel.
  • Taste- Strong, sweet honey and vanilla with a syrupy mouth feel.  Reminded me of a rye with with a bit of a backbite.  Splashed with water smoothed this out somewhat and brought out a little leather, while at the same time enhancing the vanilla.
  • Finish- Long lasting and very warm.  Hints of spice and orange gave this one a well rounded finish.

Overall, Baker’s was (for some unknown reason) the first bottle I gravitated to in the set.  While not great, very well rounded and drinkable.  If the remaining three are as good (I’ve had Knob Creek before and it comes recommended by Morton Ahput), then this set will exceed expectations.

Stay tuned for more……


  1. These types of gift sets are awesome, I have purchased several over the years, both as gifts and for myself

  2. 170 proof ... that is pretty strong.


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