Thursday, December 23, 2010

London Pride–A beer review

Fullers London Pride

On my recent trip London, I was given the opportunity to try a beer that would not normally be on my radar – Fuller’s London Pride.

I won’t get into details as to why I got this chance (let’s just say an airline stewardess wanted to placate me for all their mess-ups on my flight).

The presentation sucked, as it was from a dented can (can’t have glass on an airplane) and was served with a plastic cup….so no real good way to determine color or clarity.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

Color- Looked to be a dark amber through the plastic cup

Head- A nice dense head, that held all the way through the beer.

Nose- Highly malty, with hints of caramel and fruit.

Taste- Lighter and Hoppier than I expected and a little bitter. This complimented the sweet malty taste and really made this feel like a well rounded beer.  While fruity, I really picked out the taste of honey and raisins more than anything.

Overall this beer was very good and made more appealing as it was free. Smile  I would prefer to get this in a bottle, as there was a little bit of the aluminum aftertaste associated with cans (not a good pairing here) and I would really like to try it in a pub on tap (didn’t have time to pubcrawl this trip).  I really enjoyed this beer and would give it a straight 4 stars.  Well done.

An interesting side note….if you take a cab from Heathrow to the Thistle in Euston, you go right by the brewery.  I never noticed this before, so of course I see it this time.

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