Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winos Rejoice

From TommyG via FB

I have mixed feelings about this article. As a wino, I love cheap wine. But I think the $3 target the author mentions is a little low. One would never write an article scoffing at craft beer stating that you should never pay more than $3 for a six pack of beer. Well… someone might. I would believe it if he said $6-8 is a reasonable “cheap wine” range to shoot for.
But beyond these quibbles… WINOS REJOICE! Lets bathe in inexpensive wine! (Of course CoMO would need a Trader Joes for that to really be an option for me, but still.)

SLATE – Drink Cheap Wine

Try this experiment: Walk into the nearest wine shop and ask for an “everyday wine” recommendation. Refuse to give a price range, and see what the merchant suggests. My guess is you’re out 15 bucks. Critics seem to be pushing this price point as an appropriate range for “everyday wine”—Slate is as guilty as any publication—even though the phrase can’t possibly be taken literally. If you and your significant other were to drink five bottles of wine a week, at $15 per bottle, your annual wine outlay would approach $4,000. That’s more than the average family spends on groceries.


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