Thursday, November 24, 2011

This Day in History

I give you a hijacking! 

Come on, did you really expect something about Thanksgiving?

DBCooperInstead, we have a little tidbit about D.B. Cooper.  I’m sure are we have all heard of how he hijacked a Boeing 727, received $200K in ransom and then parachuted in the November 24th 1971 night sky.

Some of you might even be aware that some ($5800) of the money was found in 1980, leading most to believe he died in the jump.

But did you know that he ordered two bourbon (some say Jim Beam) and waters, paid for them and even left a tip for the stewardess.  All this AFTER he hijacked the plane.

I won’t get into whether he was a criminal or hero…..but I will say he had some nuts.

So, as you have your turkey today – maybe think of a silent toast to the crazy brave…..I know I will have bourbon and water.

Cheers and have a safe Thanksgiving Weekend Smile

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