Saturday, October 13, 2012


I don’t think I make it much of a secret that I am a Conservative and that I look forward to a change in the Whitehouse this election. 

What is a little less known is that one of best friends (so much that I named my son after him) teeters on his political/environmental views in a different direction than me.  At times, so much so that I’m sure that people wonder how we can be friends at all. 

I’ll tell you how – we were Soldiers together, lived together and even chewed the same dirt.  We have had ups and downs, and I like to think I would do anything for him….just as he would for me.

We are respectful of each other’s differences in beliefs, and even periodically sway the other to those beliefs.

He and I have often talked about how funny it is that we can disagree so much – but still have a drink and be friends afterwards…and I think that does stem from that respect.

When I saw this video today, Alby was the first person I thought of – as two polar opposites come together (naturally in a bar) and actually after a moment of silence to fallen soldiers, drink a toast to freedom.

With all the vileness going around this election – lets all not lose sight on that fact, that we as Americans have a freedoms that other countries can only dream about. 

We can all agree to disagree, but we do not have to act like animals and treat each other with such disdain that we ignore deep down, that we are all linked by a bond that makes us special – We are Americans.

It would be great if everyone could step back, reflect for a minute and then meet up in a bar….be respectful and have honest discourse.  Then we let it play out in the Vote – in a Democratic way.

When it is all said and done, we ALL then focus on doing what is right – getting this country back on its feet again…because you cant keep US down.

Also, when you are at that bar – think of the fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.  Those brave Men and Women who have made sacrifices both great and small.  They are the true heroes of our country.

And finally – those of you who know me on a personal level, I want you to imagine Swells as the Jamaican Girl with the pot leafs on her shirt…..because that is how we roll.  Smile

Cheers, Enjoy the Video and God Bless the USA.

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  1. Ed, you know that is how we roll... I'm not sure it comes down to our military service. I have a few folks I don't agree with politically that I still count as friends. I think the big difference is a mater of respect and understanding. By understanding I mean knowing that truths are not universal they are personal. Your favorite color is one thing mine is another... both are correct and just as valid. When one understands that we all have differing priorities everything sort of falls into place. I can respect you even though you are a heartless bastard and even though you think I'm a coddling bitch we can meet in the middle. At the very least we agree to disagree. I will admit, our military service together certainly makes it easier.


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